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After Kirby

Darkseid and the Fantastic Four courtesy of Australian visual development artist, Daniel James Cox. Daniel’s clients include Warner Bros., Walt Disney, Touchstone Pictures and Weta Digital. You can find more of his work at his website and blog.

Original pencil artwork by Jack Kirby.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Big Barda, Darkseid and The Demon courtesy of San Diego based Artist Joel Gomez.

Joel’s first professional comic art appeared in Top Cow’s Darkness series. Since then he has gone on to illustrate such titles as Witchblade, Wetworks and The Lost Boys: Reign of Frogs. You can find moe of Joel’s artwork at DeviantArt.

Dark Crystal

Two recent Kirby themed commissions from the brush of Ohio based designer and illustrator Andy Bennett. For more of Andy’s work be sure to visit his website and DeviantArt page.

Across the Universes

Thanks again to Enrico Salvini for this latest Giorgio Comolo gallery, which mixes Kirby creations from both Marvel and DC Universes.

Threely Dan

Playing catch-up with Dan McDaid.

Marvel meets DC as Orion grapples with the Absorbing Man as a mysterious stranger looks on (clue: it’s Loki).

A plethora of Kirby characters in this recent commission piece.

Celebrating Keith Giffen’s reboot of OMAC, with colours by Kyle Latino.

New Gods

Imaginary New Gods cover (created for Jon Morris’ DC Fifty-Too! blog) by Brooklyn based artist Benjamin Marra. Benjamin’s comic credits include the self-published titles Night Business, Gangsta Rap Posse and The Incredibly Fantastic Adventures of Maureen Dowd. His illustration work has also appeared in a number of publications including Rolling Stone, Playboy, Radar and The New York Times Book Review. You can find more of Benjamin’s work at his blog and website.

Hulk Will Smash

Today’s Kirby-goodness comes courtesy of North Carolina based artist, Loston Wallace. First up there’s the Green Goliath himself, which features a mighty colouring job by Steve Downer, followed by a host of sketch-book workouts featuring some favorite grotesques from Tales to Astonish/of Suspense.

Loston is an alumni of the Joe Kubert School of Art and has provided artwork for the role playing industry as well as the DC Comics Licensing Department producing children’s books based on DC’s animated properties. His comic credits include: Klyde & Meriem, Flash Gordon and Lorna, Relic Wrangler. You can find more of Loston’s work at his website and DeviantArt page.

Sketchbook Darkseid

A Darkseid sketchbook commission courtesy of Kentucky based illustrator Justin Stewart. Justin’s work has appeared in the anthology books, Josh Howard Presents: Sasquatch, Jesus hates Zombies and Tales from Clerks. He is one sixth of the collective Quarantine comics and a fourth of the Beaucoup Pop Podcast team and you can find more of his art at his blog and website.