Thunder God


Rick Baiker inks and digitally colours Thor from original Kirby pencils.

Thor  thor (1) kirby pencils

Kirby Commissions


Oliver Hudson shares two recent commissions based on well-known Kirby covers.




Rick Baiker inks original Kirby pencils.
Rick writes: “I took a stab at inking a Kirby piece. I have always liked the way Jack “couldn’t” draw Spider-man, and the unique look he brought to the character.”


February 6, 1994

February 6 1994 color2

Renato Stevanato pays tribute to the ‘King of Comics’ on the anniversary of his death 21 years ago today.

February 6 1994 color

Cornice supereroi

Happy Holidays

Comic Book

The festive season is almost upon us and to celebrate Kirby-Vision is proud to present some illustrative gifts from regular contributors Marc Basille (above) and Renato Stevanato. Happy Holidays folks!


prisoners of Christmas

Thing Sculpt


The Thing rocks in clay courtesy of John Catania. John writes:
“The Thing has always been my favorite comic book hero and I decided I wanted to try to sculpt him. Here is the finished product. I used hanger wire and some tape to create a pose then some aluminum foil to add bulk and then I used Sculpy clay over that. This is the first sculpt I’ve ever done and I thought it came out pretty well”.

Beware, Gordoom the Living Pumpkin


All Hallows Eve is upon us and Marc Basile has an imaginary tale to share…

“It was back in 1959, in Tales Too Suspenseful #31 that “Beware, Gordoom the Living Pumpkin” appeared. Two teen age pranksters build a scarecrow that they hope will frighten the younger kids on their way to Farmer Brown’s annual Halloween party. The only thing is they picked a pumpkin from a field into which a meteorite had fallen, spewing cosmic radiation all over the pumpkins. And as fate would have a well placed lightening bolt strikes their creation, bringing it to life. It’s then up to Timmy and Tommy Horton to stop the monster by… well you read the ending yourself.”

Virman Vundabar


New God Virman Vundabar, courtesy of James Burns.



Two new Kirby recreations from the brush of Doug Hazlewood.

Doug Writes: “Here are two more recent Kirby recreations. The title splash to TALES TO ASTONISH #13 and the cover to the same issue. This was the first appearance of Groot! The splash was by Kirby and Ayers. I wasn’t sure about the cover (as the rendering on Groot is certainly more detailed/textured), but it has been attributed to Kirby and Ditko most recently. Most of the people are so small it is hard to see Ditko in them, but I guess that explains the difference between the cover look of Groot and on the splash. Both were inked over printed bluelines with most of the lettering ‘held’ in black and then the lettering is touched up with India ink. I had to work from a scan of the comic for the cover recreation and upgrade some of the lettering (like the logo) since I could not drain/bleach everything out in Photoshop perfectly”.


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Kirby Recreations


A host of Kirby recreations courtesy of French web designer Michel Ravey.





To discover the illustration process behind Michel’s recreations, click on each of the Kirby
originals below.

JRY085 922398 AV004

FF087 capkirbypenrv-1