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1993 – Jack Kirby on “Bob”

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Jack and Roz Kirby appeared on the sitcom “Bob”, where Bob Newhart played a comic book artist. Other comics luminaries, such as Bob Kane, Mel Keefer, Mell Lazarus (who briefly appears in our clip introducing Kirby), Marc Silvestri, Jim Lee and Sergio Aragones also appeared.

Initially broadcast 22 January 1993.
Written by Cheri Steinkeller & Bill Steinkeller & Phoef Sutton.
Directed by Michael Zinberg.

New York Comic Con Kirby Tribute Panel video

Mark Evanier moderates an almost hour-long discussion with Dick Ayers and Joe Sinnott on 20 April 2008 at the New York Comic Con.

Video shot by Museum volunteers Tom Kraft and Rand Hoppe. Edited by Rand.

Jack Kirby on “The Incredible Hulk”

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In 1962, Jack Kirby and Marvel Comics’ Stan Lee created the Incredible Hulk. In the late 1970s, Marvel licensed the character for use in a television series. Jack Kirby appeared briefly, uncredited, as a police sketch artist in the 19th episode of the second season, the 31st in the series.

“No Escape”
Episode 2-19
First Aired 30 March 1979

Written by: Ben Masselink
Directed by: Jeffrey Hayden

Guest Starring: James Wainwright, Mariclare Costello, Sherman Hemsley, Thalmus Rasulala, Skip Homeier & Howard Bruner

Synopsis: Banner is arrested for vagrancy and meets, in a police van, a mentally ill prisoner who believes himself to be the deceased writer Ernest Hemingway. The Hulk destroys the van, which releases the mentally ill man. Banner tries to find the man before he hurts someone.

The Tape

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When Glenn Fleming and a friend visited the Kirby house in Thousand Oaks, California in October of 1991, they recorded some of their visit on video tape. After moving the discussion into his studio, Jack began describing a story he told called “Mile-A-Minute Jones”, published in Our Fighting Forces #159 by DC Comics.

Glenn generously donated the VHS tape to the Museum for its use and Kirby family friend and collector David Schwartz kindly edited the piece available here.

  • Video shot by Glenn Fleming
  • Edited by David Schwartz.
  • Special thanks to All Media Services