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Kirby’s Real Folks

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Tom MOREHOUSE writes –
As a lifelong collector of Jack Kirby’s work, one of the things that I always enjoyed is the sense of reality about the universe Jack created. His fight scenes work because as a fighter himself, Jack would think about how (if he had the skills/powers of the protagonist) he would go about taking down his opposition. While some have a problem with how accurately he drew his handguns, Jack’s weaponry & machinery always looked like it should be able to do whatever he wanted us to believe it could. Another factor in conveying a sense of reality to his stories was the inclusion of recognizable "real people", whether it be a world leader or just some kids he met at a convention. Jack’s universe was peopled with real folks and that’s the focus of this exhibit/archive; to gather and document as many examples of these as possible.

So start pouring through your Kirby comic collections and memory banks and send the museum scans of the primary panel/page on which the person appears along with the issue name, date, etc.. If the illustration is from some publication other than a traditional comic book, please include scans of the entire article for reference use. Be sure to identify the figure(s) in the scans. You can contact me at, or Rand at

To start things off I’ve gathered examples from some of the more obscure and rare items in my Kirbykrypt collection as well as a couple of examples from standard comics.

This exhibit/archive is an active, ongoing project – we’ll be adding to it as we go. Click on the Captain America page above to see the whole exhibit. So, as Tom says above, contact us with your suggestions and scans.
– Rand HOPPE