Ragnarok 2

Ragnarok 2

Publisher Mark Collins
456 Orange Rd
Orange, NJ 07050

Editors – Mark Collins, David Simons


Hulk ink illustration by Marie Severin.
Severin probably only provided black ink art with color added afterwards by unknown hand.

Inside front cover
Black Panther illustration by Eric Harrison
Screened color piece, probably.

Page 3
Hercules illustration by Harrison

Page 4
Editorial Memos by Mark Collins
Collins caricature by Jack Davis
Vampirella illustration by Bonnie Swirynsky

Page 5
“Three In One” by George Schwartz
Feature Comics 32, May 1940 Origins

Page 6
“Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Fandom” by Neal Pozner
Superman illustration by Harrison

Page 7
Continuations of Schwartz and Pozner
Ghost Rider and Dynamo illustrations by Rick Williams

Page 8
“What Do You Mean $3 For Avengers #25?” by David Simons
Consumer Report Series

Page 9
Continuation of Simons
Scarlet Witch illustration by Harrison
Vampirella illustration by Swirynsky

Page 10
Thor illustration by Swirynsky
Captain Marvel illustration by Alan Hanley

Page 11
“Horror Comes To Archie Comics” by Jeffrey H. Wasserman

Page 12
Continuation of Wasserman
Whizzer, Vision, Patriot illustration by Hanley
Batman illustration by Swirynsky

Page 13, 14, 15
“King Con” by Tom Fagan
Report from 1972 New York Comicart Convention

Page 16
Continuation of Fagan
Captain America illustration by Hanley
Antman illustration by Swirynsky
Index of NYCC photos

Page 17, 18, 19
NYCC photos

Page 20
“Doc Strange” illustration by Harrison

Page 21
“Suppose They Gave A Con And Nobody Came? by Liam O’Connor
Green Lantern illustration by Harrison

Page 22 + 23
Justice League illustration by Hanley

Page 24
“A Interview With Marie Severin” by Collins + Simons
Marie Severin self-portrait – First publication?

Page 25
Continuation of interview
Photo of MS

Page 26
Continuation of interview
Illustration by Roy Krenkel

Page 27
Continuation of interview

Page 28
Sub-Mariner and Dragon Man illustration by M Severin & J Sinnott
Sub-Mariner 15 cover. GCD lists J. Romita retouches.

Page 29
Continuation of interview

Page 30
The Merry Marvel Marching Band illustration by M Severin (& J. Romita?)

Page 31
Continuation of interview

Page 32
Kull The Conqueror 4 cover – John Severin

Page 33, 34
Continuation of interview

Page 35
Continuation of interview
Hulk pencil illustration by M. Severin
Thor illustration by Willams
Photo of M. Severin

Page 36
“The Comix Media” by Steve Jenkins
Illustration by Roy Krenkel

Page 37
Continuation of Jenkins
Illustrations by Roy Krenkel

Page 38
Altron-Boy illustration by Larry Ivie

Page 39
“The Last Hurrah” by Joe Brancatelli
Batman illustration by Harrison

Page 40
Continuation of Brancatelli
darkseid illustration by Willams

Page 41
Continuation of Brancatelli
Mister Miracle illustration by Williams
GA Green Lantern by Swirynsky

Page 42
F4 Human Torch illustration by Harrison

Inside back cover
Daredevil illustration by Harrison
Half-toned. Screened color piece, probably.

Back cover
Dr. Fate color illustration by Mark Ammerman

– Rand Hoppe
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