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Lord Of Light, Science Fiction Land and Argo

Just thought I’d take the opportunity to post some bibliographic information about the Lord of Light, Science Fiction Land and Argo projects that have been getting some recent notice as the movie Argo is being released.

The documentary “Science Fiction Land” is also getting some notice. Be sure to stop by the website.

Below I’m including only items concerned with the secret CIA mission. There were also pieces of note in Jim Steranko’s Mediascene and John Morrows’ Jack Kirby Collector about Kirby’s work for Barry Geller. I may include them in the future.

“CIA 50 Trailblazers” – broadcast on CBS Evening News, 1997.

Correcting History: The CIA’s Rescue In Iran In A Bold 1980 Masquerade To Flee Iran, Diplomats Posed As A Canadian Film Crew” by Michael E. Ruane – published in the Philadelphia Inquirer, 28 September 1997

A Classic Case of Deception: CIA Goes Hollywood” by Antonio J. Mendez – published in Studies In Intelligence, Winter 1999-2000

The Little Grey Man - Erroll Morris' First Person. Still from appx. 7:00

The Little Grey Man – Erroll Morris’ First Person. Still from appx. 7:00

“The Little Grey Man” by Errol Morris – broadcast on Errol Morris’ First Person, 4 May 2000

“C.I.A. Secrets: Escape From Terror” – broadcast on Discovery Channel, 20 May 2001

Kirby, the CIA and the Lord of Light and Eyewash: About Argo” by James Romberger and Marguerite Van Cook – published in Comic Art Forum, Winter 2003. (Romberger notes that the article was written in 2002)

How the CIA Used a Fake Sci-Fi Flick to Rescue Americans from Tehran” by Joshuah Bearman – published in Wired Magazine, 24 April 2007

Where Jack Kirby lived

A while ago, I compiled a map of known Kirby addresses in the NYC area. Many thanks to Alex Jay for his detailed research.

View Jack Kirby NYC addresses in a larger map

It’s that 1977 Marvel Calendar again!

While pulling together yesterday’s entry on the Captain America original art in the Museum’s collection, I remembered that we have another interesting Kirby image from the 1977 calendar:

Yes, it’s a Jack Kirby drawing of not only Thor, the Thing, the Hulk, Captain America and Spider-man, but also Howard the Duck, Luke Cage, Conan and Dr. Strange.

I’m sure Kirby was working from a comp drawing sent to him by the Marvel office, which could have been by Marie Severin, John Romita, Sr., or someone else. My guess is that they provided him with a pretty good likeness of Howard the Duck. The published piece was inked by John Romita, Sr. Color artist unknown, although possibly Marie Severin, as well.

Just to be sure, the Captain America art mystery was solved

Back in TwoMorrows’ Fall 2008 The Jack Kirby Collector 51, the Museum’s newsletter page included a piece of Kirby art that was gifted to the Museum by Greg Theakston. Soon after that issue was published, I received an email from accomplished comic book art style identifier Nick Caputo, who told me it looked like it was inked by Frank Giacoia, and was from The Mighty Marvel Memory Album 1977 calendar. So, I acquired a copy of the calendar for the Museum. Nick also said that it looked like some of the other art on that piece was inked by John Romita, Sr., which may explain why this cut-out piece was by a different artist.

(Thanks to Richard Kolkman, caretaker of the Jack Kirby Checklist for the inspiration for this post!)

The Kirby Effect begins

In addition to all the personal blogs the Kirby Museum hosts, I’ve just fired up “The Kirby Effect“, which I’ve designated “The Journal of The Jack Kirby Museum”. I hope the The Kirby Effect will be become a rich offering of papers, articles and media presentations. Consider this post the requisite Call For Papers. I have a few things in the works for the Effect already, but they won’t last, so I look forward to hearing from you.

Unpublished Kirby-Colletta New Gods #1 Art found!

Incredible, but true!

The missing art from New Gods 1 splash

The missing art from New Gods 1 splash

I know, something of an anti-climax. My point is that Jack Kirby drew, John Costanza lettered and Vince Colletta inked the splash page to New Gods 1 without space for the publishing indicia. At least that what two photocopies in the Museum’s archives indicate. So, more than likely, one of Jack Adler’s production people at DC/National did some photostatting and some paste-up to make room.

I recently found a scan of this very splash from my personal copy of New Gods 1, which I had signed by Jack at the Miami-Con in December 1975. So, for kicks, I took that scan, added the missing art, and did a hasty coloring job.

Thanks again, to Greg Theakston!

Jack & Roz at Coney Island with Joe and more

Here’s a nice souvenir photo of Jack and Roz from Brooklyn’s Coney Island. Joe Simon is there with a date on the left, as is, I assume, Charles Brainard on the right. “The Mayflower”, heh!

I’m assuming that this letter from Charles is referring to the picture above . Could have been thirty years later!

Thanks to Greg Theakston!

Thor in Israel

Who knew that Kirby & Lee’s Thor was published in Israel?

Buki also published the X-Men, Iron Man, Superman, and many others. Read more about it in Eli Eshed’s “Hebrew Comics – A History” published on An International Catalogue of Heroes.

I’ve included a scan of the original art for that page.

Thanks to Lyle Tucker and Paul Power!

New Gods #1 Cover

Inspired by a visit a few months ago to Pete Von Sholly‘s home where he allowed me to scan his collection for the Museum’s Original Art Digital Archive, here are some pieces related to the cover to the first issue of The New Gods.

First is a piece that Pete saw for sale at Bay Con 1976, but Jack and Roz sold it to someone else (Rod Friggle?). John Morrow published this in his The Jack Kirby Collector 37.

Luckily, Roz said they had another at home that Pete could buy, and here it is.

Of course, both of these may be pieces that Jack drew on DC cover board anywhere from 1970 through the purchase date. Anyone have any thoughts?

Let’s go back to the original, as published February-March 1971, so an on the stands date might be December 1970. (Scan thanks to Grand Comics Database.)

1971 - The New Gods #1 cover

1971 – The New Gods #1 cover

DC promoted the book with a house ad, here scanned from Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen 134, published December 1970.

1970 - Kirby House Ad

1970 – Kirby House Ad

But, see the differences between what was published and the house ad? Well thanks to Greg Theakston’s gift of photostats to the Museum, we have an earlier version of the cover that looks  a little more like the house ad.


To go all the way back, however, here’s the comp for the cover of the New Gods issue of Showcase (94). Yes, DC originally wanted to introduce what came to be known as Kirby’s Fourth World in Showcase. Image thanks to Robby Reed’s Dial B For Blog!

Unused Showcase 94 cover

Unused Showcase 94 cover

DC printed this in their January 1976 Amazing World of DC Comics “prozine” (10). Scan from Rob Kelley’s Amazing Blog of DC Comics.


Of course, all of the production versions shown above are based on Kirby’s presentation piece, inked by Don Heck Frank Giacoia and colored by Kirby.

1969 - Orion presentation art

1969 – Orion presentation art

Last is the cover to 1999’s “Jack Kirby’s New Gods” trade paperback, with color by an uncredited artist.


1998 - Jack Kirby's New Gods Trade paperback cover

1998 – Jack Kirby’s New Gods Trade paperback cover

If you have any more versions of this cover, especially international versions, please let me know!

– Rand