1976 – Captain America’s Bicentennial Battles

When Kirby returned to Marvel Comics in 1975 and began producing the monthly Captain America series, he also produced this 84 page, 10″ by 13″ special to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the signing of the U.S.A.’s Declaration of Independence. The two page tier evokes the Gettysburg Cyclorama.

We include the cover to provide additional context – note the replacement of Kirby’s boxing scene with non-Kirby art in the published version. Revolutionary War themes were prevalent during the U.S.’s celebration, so it is not surprising that it was felt that something from that era should be on the cover.

“Captain America’s Bicentennial Battles.” Marvel Treasury Special, New York, New York, USA: Marvel Comics Group, 1976.

Comic book scans adjusted in Photoshop.

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