1962 – The End Of The Fantastic Four!

Before the end of the Fantastic Four’s first year of publication, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby had their flagship characters meet Hollywood & TV heavyweights like James ARNESS and Amanda BLAKE from Gunsmoke, Master of the Macabre Alfred HITCHCOCK, “Roadsters” Bing CROSBY & Bob HOPE and a befuddled Jackie GLEASON.

Story by Stan LEE & Jack KIRBY.
Pencil art by Jack KIRBY.
Script by Stan LEE.
Ink art by Dick AYERS.
Lettering by Art SIMEK.
Color art by Stan GOLDBERG.

“The End Of The Fantastic Four.” The Fantastic Four, New York, New York, USA: Canam Publishers Sales Corp (Marvel Comics Group), December 1962 (9), p6.

Wikipedia (people): James Arness, Amanda Blake, Alfred Hitchcock, Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Jackie Gleason.
Wikipedia (tv shows): Gunsmoke.
Wikipedia (movies): Road to…

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