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Lord Of Light, Science Fiction Land and Argo

Just thought I’d take the opportunity to post some bibliographic information about the Lord of Light, Science Fiction Land and Argo projects that have been getting some recent notice as the movie Argo is being released.

The documentary “Science Fiction Land” is also getting some notice. Be sure to stop by the website.

Below I’m including only items concerned with the secret CIA mission. There were also pieces of note in Jim Steranko’s Mediascene and John Morrows’ Jack Kirby Collector about Kirby’s work for Barry Geller. I may include them in the future.

“CIA 50 Trailblazers” – broadcast on CBS Evening News, 1997.

Correcting History: The CIA’s Rescue In Iran In A Bold 1980 Masquerade To Flee Iran, Diplomats Posed As A Canadian Film Crew” by Michael E. Ruane – published in the Philadelphia Inquirer, 28 September 1997

A Classic Case of Deception: CIA Goes Hollywood” by Antonio J. Mendez – published in Studies In Intelligence, Winter 1999-2000

The Little Grey Man - Erroll Morris' First Person. Still from appx. 7:00

The Little Grey Man – Erroll Morris’ First Person. Still from appx. 7:00

“The Little Grey Man” by Errol Morris – broadcast on Errol Morris’ First Person, 4 May 2000

“C.I.A. Secrets: Escape From Terror” – broadcast on Discovery Channel, 20 May 2001

Kirby, the CIA and the Lord of Light and Eyewash: About Argo” by James Romberger and Marguerite Van Cook – published in Comic Art Forum, Winter 2003. (Romberger notes that the article was written in 2002)

How the CIA Used a Fake Sci-Fi Flick to Rescue Americans from Tehran” by Joshuah Bearman – published in Wired Magazine, 24 April 2007

Where Jack Kirby lived

A while ago, I compiled a map of known Kirby addresses in the NYC area. Many thanks to Alex Jay for his detailed research.

View Jack Kirby NYC addresses in a larger map