1961 – The Lone Voyager

Kirby, with inker Dick AYERS, produced work for Gilberton in the early 1960s. Our Kirby’s Civil War exhibit features their contributions to 1961’s “The War Between The States.” Gilberton, the publisher of the successful Classics Illustrated line in the USA, did not use “The Lone Voyager.” However, it was published by Thorpe & Porter, Gilberton’s licensee in the UK. The story features the tale of Joshua Slocum, the first man to single-handedly sail around the world.

Pencil art by Jack KIRBY.
Ink art by Dick AYERS.
Unknown writing, lettering and color art.

“The Sea.” World Illustrated, London, England, UK: Thorpe & Porter Ltd., May 1967 (528), pp 21-27.

Wikipedia (person): Joshua Slocum.

Comic book scans adjusted in Photoshop.

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