1976 – Paul McCartney And Wings

The song Magneto & Titanium Man appeared on the 1975 album Venus & Mars by the band Wings – former Beatle Paul McCARTNEY’s group with his wife Linda and others. While on the subsequent Wings Over America leg of their Wings Over the World tour, they performed three shows at the Los Angeles Forum in Inglewood, California. Brothers Steve and Gary SHERMAN arranged for Jack KIRBY to meet the band backstage, where Kirby presented McCartney with this 14″ by 17″ pencil drawing. McCartney dedicated that night’s performance of the song to Kirby, who, along with wife Roz, daughter Lisa and the Sherman brothers, were given complimentary nearly-front row tickets.

Not only was the concert filmed and portions used in concert movie “Rockshow” and the television special “Wings Over The World”, but an audience audio recording exists where Kirby is introduced.

In “Rockshow”, Wings member Denny LAINE introduced the song and he’s heard saying, “Where are ya, Jack? Rock it!” while not on screen. This is possibly due to the introduction from a Seattle, WA, USA show being used, while the performance was from the show Kirby attended. The reference to “Jack” may be where the LA performance is edited in.

1976 - Wings and Magneto pencil art

1976 – Wings and Magneto pencil art

Pencil art by Jack KIRBY.


The pencil art was offered for sale in the 28 May 1993 issue of Goldmine Magazine, and was scanned by Rand HOPPE at Comic-con International: San Diego, 26 July 2007. Thanks to Hans KOSENKRANIUS.

Audience recording from 22 June 1976 Wings concert provided by Chip MADINGER, co-author with Mark EASTER of “Eight Arms To Hold You – The Solo Beatles Compendium.”

Photographs provided by Lisa KIRBY. Copyright 2008 Jack Kirby Estate.

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  2. Michael K

    How did it come to be offered for sale?
    Can’t believe Paul & Linda wouldn’t have treasured it, as both were into Jack as kids as well as around then.

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