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1984 – Kirby in 3-D: Honeycomb Kids Posters

Get out your red & blue 3-D glasses!

In 1984, Jack Kirby provided the pencil art for 3-D posters to be given away in boxes of General Foods’ Post Honeycomb breakfast cereal.

To improve the 3-D experience for this article, the scans of the posters have been adjusted to reduce shadowing brought about by differences in the gels in the glasses and the inks used in printing. Kirby provided pencil art for four posters, but only three were produced. Mike Thibodeaux provided the ink art on all three; note the changes to the BMX Fever! poster from pencil to final.


Ray Zone provided the 3-D art. A few years earlier, in 1982, Zone, Kirby and Thibodeaux worked together on the “Battle For A Three Dimensional World!” project, which will be featured in a future article.


Thanks to:

  • Kirby Museum Trustee John Morrow for scanning his BMX Fever and Fireball Action posters. John used the 3-D Honeycomb poster work as illustrations for his interview with Mike Thibodeaux in Jack Kirby Collector #15 (April 1997), and he featured an interview with Ray Zone in his Jack Kirby Collector Forty-Five (Winter 2006).
  • Museum Member Tom Morehouse for allowing his Honeycomb Cereal box to be scanned.