1982 – Goozlebobber

In 1981, Pacific Comics began publishing Kirby’s Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers. After a Neal ADAMS Ms. Mystic backup story in Number 3, the next three issues contained a lighthearted Kirby-produced Captain Victory spin-off called Goozlebobber. On the last page of the three part story, the titular outcast-of-the-outcasts appears to have shape-shifted into US President Ronald REAGAN.

Story, pencil art and script by Jack KIRBY.
Ink art by Mike THIBODEAUX.
Color art by Steve OLIFF.
Lettering by Palle JENSEN.

“Goozlebobber!” Captain Victory and his Galactic Rangers, San Diego, California, USA: Pacific Comics, September 1982 (6) p 31.

Wikipedia: Ronald Reagan.

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