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Jack Kirby on “The Incredible Hulk”

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In 1962, Jack Kirby and Marvel Comics’ Stan Lee created the Incredible Hulk. In the late 1970s, Marvel licensed the character for use in a television series. Jack Kirby appeared briefly, uncredited, as a police sketch artist in the 19th episode of the second season, the 31st in the series.

“No Escape”
Episode 2-19
First Aired 30 March 1979

Written by: Ben Masselink
Directed by: Jeffrey Hayden

Guest Starring: James Wainwright, Mariclare Costello, Sherman Hemsley, Thalmus Rasulala, Skip Homeier & Howard Bruner

Synopsis: Banner is arrested for vagrancy and meets, in a police van, a mentally ill prisoner who believes himself to be the deceased writer Ernest Hemingway. The Hulk destroys the van, which releases the mentally ill man. Banner tries to find the man before he hurts someone.

Kirby’s Civil War

1961 - The War Between The States splash

1961 – The War Between The States splash

Museum member Tom Morehouse once collected all of Jack Kirby’s US published work. As is the nature of collecting, Tom sold most of his “KirbyKrypt” once it was complete. His interest in Kirby has not subsided, however, as Tom recently provided the Museum with a Civil War focused collection of scans.

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Written and produced by Rand HOPPE.