Jack & Roz at Coney Island with Joe and more

Here’s a nice souvenir photo of Jack and Roz from Brooklyn’s Coney Island. Joe Simon is there with a date on the left, as is, I assume, Charles Brainard on the right. “The Mayflower”, heh!

I’m assuming that this letter from Charles is referring to the picture above . Could have been thirty years later!

Thanks to Greg Theakston!

6 thoughts on “Jack & Roz at Coney Island with Joe and more

  1. patrick ford

    Someone ought to see if Brainard’s personal papers were archived. If often wonder about the people Kirby corresponded with and if any of those letters were saved.

  2. patrick ford

    It looks as if Charles Brainard is still practicing law. Interesting that his field is Intellectual Property.
    Charles R. Brainard
    Of Counsel|New York
    Charles R. Brainard is Of Counsel at Kenyon & Kenyon with 40 years experience in the protection, licensing and enforcement of intellectual property rights, both in the United States and internationally.

    Charles R. Brainard, Esq.
    New York, NY 10011
    Office: 212-627-0435

  3. Richard Bensam

    Amazing. I’ve got to admit, I can only imagine Kirby thinking at that moment “How did a guy like me land a doll like this?” She was quite a stunner, and we know how he saw himself and how he saw her.

    (Admittedly, I’m projecting the whole Ben Grimm/Alicia Masters dynamic onto Jack and Roz — but the reason that relationship worked so well was that both Stan and Jack were drawing on how they truly felt about their wives. “What would a gal like her see in a clown like me” and all that. This is why it was such a horrible idea for later writers to break them up…)

  4. patrick ford

    It’s interesting that Brainard handled Marvel’s copyright registration for Marvel in 1968-1969. He probably came into possession of the photograph at that time. It seems somewhat unlikely he is the third man in the picture, but it certainly a possibility.


    The postcard was attached to Kirby’s 1966 affidavit.




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