Jack Kirby’s Steppenwolf – 1st Appearance

Below are adjusted scans of photocopies taken in the Kirby home of Jack Kirby’s pencil script and art containing the first appearance of Darkseid’s uncle, Steppenwolf. There he is in the first, upper left panel of page 2 of “The Pact!”, Kirby’s epic Fourth World/New Gods backstory published in New Gods #7. Steppenwolf attacks Izaya (a.k.a. High Father) and Avia in a moment of peace on New Genesis. Trouble ensues.





Note that Kirby originally numbered the fifth page in the sequence “7”

7 thoughts on “Jack Kirby’s Steppenwolf – 1st Appearance

  1. Patrick Ford

    Thanks for these scans Rand. I wonder if the page numbering is just a numbering error or if there are two pages Kirby edited out of the sequence?

  2. Michael A LOSITO

    Wow ‘I’m 53 years old ‘been a jack Kirby fan all my life .i would love to go to the museum

    1. Rand Hoppe Post author

      Thanks, Michael. We’ve had two pop-up storefront museum exhibits in NYC – in 2013 and 2015. Hopefully, we’ll be able to do more again!

  3. Patrick Ford

    Rand, Could you add the unpublished page from “The Pact” which the Museum has a copy of?
    If not can you say if it falls between the published pages 4 and 5?

    1. Rand Hoppe Post author

      I didn’t feel that it fit this morning when I wrote the post, so I didn’t include it then.

  4. Anthony Wayne Pettus

    Great post, Rand. Royer’s inks are so faithful to Jack’s pencils it would be great to see other pencil scans before they were inked by other inkers like Colletta, etc.


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