Follow Up to Mike Gartland’s “The Best Laid (Out) Plans”

Inspired by Patrick Ford’s comment on today’s “A Failure To Communicate” entry from Mike Gartland, here are three pages with Kirby’s story layouts and notes side-by-side with the printed version. From “If This Be Treason!” (Tales Of Suspense 70, October 1965, Marvel Comics)  – Rand

Printed credits:
“Story by Stan Lee
Layouts by Jack Kirby
Lettering by S. Rosen
Reintroducing the match-
less artistry of one of
the giants of  the great
golden age of comics…
Art by George Tuska”

2 thoughts on “Follow Up to Mike Gartland’s “The Best Laid (Out) Plans”

  1. patrick ford

    Nice to see these examples. More Kirby layouts have been published in various issues of TJKC. It’s worth noticing that Lee often left a book when Kirby stopped plotting it, and in instances where Lee is not credited with the script on a book where Kirby provides art or layouts (stories) Lee is careful to credit himself with the plot.

  2. kirk g

    Ironically, I owned that issue, coverless, from some school white elephant sale one spring, and though I thought it was Jack Kirby artwork, I admit something looked a bit off… as you can see in the face of the collapsed girl. Never did I associate this with the same artist who would take Iron Man off the rails just about three years later.

    There was definitely something odd about the artwork in this particular story arc, that I could never quite put my finger one. Coupled with the fact that the storyline jumps from WWII tales to modern day and the fight against the Sleepers…but I didn’t have the next two issues, so I never knew how we got from one to the other. Sigh. Collecting back issues was SO hard back in the day…you had to swap, trade, beg your friends, and even then, if you went to yard sales and such, you could sometimes score big!


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