Fumetto Panel Discussion – Nadel, Gravett, Hoppe

I’ve posted the slightly-longer-than-an-hour Kirby discussion that Dan Nadel, Paul Gravett and I had last Saturday at Fumetto on Livestream.com. (If YouTube approves the Kirby Museum’s Non-Profit application, I’ll move the video there.)

I’d like to acknowledge and thank Greg Theakston for gifting his Kirby papers to the Kirby Museum – these papers were the source for the Street Code and the V-mail included in the Fumetto exhibit.

Having listened to the talk many times while preparing it for posting, I’m compelled to clarify and/or correct:

  • Many pre-code comics were not “for adults, not kid stuff,” they were all-ages. An important distinction.
  • Kirby’s wartime ailment was trenchfoot, not frostbite.
  • The Fourth World wasn’t only “expensive” considering the sales level, affidavit fraud by distributors contributed to the low sales levels used in that equation.
  • I should not have included Bob Powell along with Joe Orlando and Wally Wood regarding artists’ concerns about being paid for writing the comics via their pencil artwork.

That’s Tom Morehouse speaking from the audience a few times. Tom Kraft manned the video camera. The last question, about Kirby’s output, is asked by Fabrice Stroun.

Thanks again to Fumetto, Dan and Paul.

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