Marvel Double Feature #10 [1975] – The Secret


Edited reprint of the Cap story from TALES TO ASTONISH #86 [1967] in this issue. Pretty straight forward story, Cap has to enter a secret base of an unnamed foreign government to make contact with an undercover SHIELD agent, who is unfortunately cracking under the strain, although he manages to die a heroic death saving Cap.


Along the way, Cap has to fight a giant robot, a mechanical bloodhound, high-tech flame-throwers, experimental air-cars and crawl through some high-tech duct-work. All lovingly rendered by Kirby.

The cover is also from ToS #86, Frank Giacoia inks both that and the edited to 9-pages of the story.

One thought on “Marvel Double Feature #10 [1975] – The Secret

  1. Nick Caputo

    Interestingly, the Shield agent’s face was redrawn throughtout the story, probably by Marie Severin. Can anyone guess why? (He is drawn to look Asian by Marie; was he originally a Russian?).

    Nick Caputo


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