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Just a note that the Free Magazine Day at the TwoMorrows website has been extended to (appropriately enough) tomorrow thanks to enough demand that slowed down their servers. Go over and pick out one available issue of ALTER EGO, BACK ISSUE, DRAW or WRITE NOW that you need and they’ll send it to you free of charge (in the United States. $2 to cover shipping to Canada, $3 International). I highly recommend almost any issue of ALTER EGO, but a few notables:

#9 – John Romita
#15 – John Buscema
#17 – Lou Fine
#24 – Mort Meskin
#28 – Joe Maneely
#36 – Joe Simon

Kirby shows up frequently in ALTER EGO, especially any issue with a focus on the Golden Age or 1960s Marvel. BACK ISSUE has also had some Kirby in their “Rough Stuff” section of pencilled artwork, including in #1 and #3.

Might take a while to get through to the site (try during the night or early tomorrow), but it’s worth it.

Free Magazine Day

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