Strange Tales #115 [1963] – Cover


Ditko inks over Kirby on the cover of this issue (which also features a rather important Doctor Strange story not mentioned on the cover at all). A bit heavy on the inks, but I guess that’s fair enough considering he’s lending one of his villains from Spider-Man to the cause as well (returning the favour from Spidey facing Doctor Doom a few months earlier). I like the way the Torch began to look around this time, with the more clearly defined face when he’s flaming.


One thought on “Strange Tales #115 [1963] – Cover

  1. Mister2007

    Hello, I’m French, and I’m a big big fan of jack Kirby, anbd especially of “the eternals”. and would like to ask you something : did this comic end, because here, in france, we haven’t see the end ?

    Thanks for the images and congratulations for your blog




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