Super Powers #2 [1984]


The series continued with Kirby doing just plotting for the interior story. He did draw the cover, as inked by Mike Royer. Pretty decent looking, although of course Kirby’s never at his best drawing other people’s designs.

Super Powers #2 [1984]

The story pretty much has three of the villains sent out with enhanced powers the previous issues failing, thanks to some teamwork on behalf of the heroes, and being taken away at their moment of defeat by those mysterious tubes with the “boom” sound effect. That leaves Brainiac and his attack on Wonder Woman at Paradise Island set up on the final page for next issue. Gonzales/Marcos are still trying a bit too hard to add surface elements of Kirby’s style to their art. The writing wasn’t bad, but it had some odd references to the then-current continuity (Flash’s murder trial, Batman leaving the JLA).

Published 1984

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  1. RB

    Seems like a pure Kirby cover to me? He didn’t have any assists as rumored in the past from my understanding.


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