Battle For a Three-Dimensional World #1 [1982]


This was, of course, the first, and presumably last, 3-D Cosmic Book.


An interesting curiosity is probably the most generous description of this comic. The story (by Ray Zone) involves an attempt by the evil Circe of planet 2D attempting to alter history so that humanity never discovers depth perception or something, and our hero Stereon being sent to stop her. Along the way we learn about the history of 3-D technology, including several movie stills and the like. Like I said, odd, but I did like the the concept of a Cyclops as the natural enemy of a 3-D hero.

Mike Thibodeaux inks the Kirby art in this issue, a 15 page uncoloured 3-D story, front cover (colour, non-3-D), backcover (colour, 3-D) and inside front cover pin-up of Vedeora (black and white, non 3-D). Apparently it came with a set of 3-D glasses that (infamously) mentioned Kirby as “King of the Comics” and had some art, but every copy I’ve ever seen with glasses had a generic pair (I used to see it in quarter bins all the time, and must have bought and given away six or seven copies).

Published 1982

2 thoughts on “Battle For a Three-Dimensional World #1 [1982]

  1. Anonymous

    I had this book at one time, due the the vagaries of my eyesight I can’t really read 3D comics. You are right in that this book is a minor item, the art is okay but nothing great, the story is very slight. Still, it’s a decent item to have, along with the mix of all the other Kirby stuff.

    Allen Smith

  2. John

    There’s a few great stories behind and about this book. It was Ray Zone’s first comic book paycheck. 3D comics would never be the same because of it.


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