1940s Kirby covers


Another trio of covers from the 1940s

CHARLIE CHAN #3, 1948. These S&K Charlie Chan covers really look cool. It’s almost a shame he apparently didn’t do any full stories (apparently just a splash page or panel in two issues).

GREEN HORNET #10, 1942. A Killer Clown is always a winner. They seem unusually common in comics, compared to reality. Kind of like pirates.

BOY COMMANDOS #8, 1944. That’s an awfull big porthole, isn’t it? Anyway, as Kirby was off to Europe, the Commandos were off to Japan.

One thought on “1940s Kirby covers

  1. Marty Erhart

    This Boy Commandos cover was certainly modeled on a WWII BUY WAR BONDS poster showing a soldier leaning out of a porthole and waving with words scrawled above him that read TILL WE MEET AGAIN. And yes, Kirby did take lots of liberty with the size of that porthole to fit Rip Carter and all the Boy Commandos!


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