The Forever People #11 [1972] – Devilance, the Pursuer


The final issue of FOREVER PEOPLE sees the kids on the run from one of Darkseid’s minions, Devilance. They do well, but are sort of hamstrung by their refusal to kill, something Devilance has no problem with. They end up on a pacific island (which I notice has those Easter Island giant head statues that Kirby seems to like so much, although they don’t enter into the story) for their last stand. Meanwhile, in another dimension, the Infinity Man is still where Darkseid banished him, cut off from the Forever People and recovering on the peaceful world of Adon.

The Forever People #11 [1972]

For reasons that escape me, he’s able to make contact with the kids again, and trades places with them and battles Devilance to the end, leaving the Forever People on Adon. Obviously a quick wrap-up for the cancelled book, I always get the feeling that I’m missing something obvious in this story, some key to the whole. Nice looking book, though.

Mike Royer inks the 22-page story and cover. And since it’s on my mind, he uses those extra thick panel borders that I mentioned earlier, although less frequently than the once-a-page that he did in the other story where they stood out.

Published 1972

3 thoughts on “The Forever People #11 [1972] – Devilance, the Pursuer

  1. Kirkm5computerabc123

    I wish that there were color reprints of this often overlooked strip. The Forever People looked like just as good as a story that I believe ties into the New Gods/Mr. Miracle Universe.

    I remember the trade years ago in black and white and passed up on it. Somewhere, and I hope more sooner than later Kirby’s works are on DVD Rom.

    The color adds so much and to see all these issues in black and white was such a slap in the face to the Kirby Estate. Why reprint them at all unless they are in full color?

  2. cboldman

    You know, in those early Forever People issues it seemed like a pattern was pretty well set: The kids would get in over their heads, and at a critical point they’d switch places with the Infinity Man, who would do clean-up. I was surprised when IM was disposed of so completely, so early on. It’s like Kirby decided he’d prefer to write about Billy Batson and leave Captain Marvel out of it. I got the impression that Infinity Man might not have come back at all, except as a loose end to wrap up the final issue.


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