Thor #155 [1968]


“Now Ends the Universe” is the middle of the big Mangog storyline, as Thor observes the dark storms that portend trouble in Asgard, and finds Sif in a hospital bed from their previous adventure, heals her and departs for Asgard. We also catch up with Balder, having his own troubles with the Norn Queen, and a brief reminder about the colonizers of Rigel, the Recorder and Ego for future storylines.

As usual for this era of Thor, my favourite scene involves the Warriors Three, first doing some of their normal brawling for fun, then informed by Loki that Mangog approaches as Odin sleeps his Odinsleep, and sends them off to do battle.

Thor #155 [1968]

First the Storm Giants and then the forces of Asgard battle bravely but futilely against Mangog (including, oddly a very futuristic rocket called an Odinian Force Arrow. Always thought the mix of old styles with modern technology in Asgard was weird). Thor follows the trail of carnage, finally finding the Warriors Three imprisoned and coming face to face with Mangog.

Great issue, very densely plotted, fast moving and taking advantage of the various parts of the mythology that had been introduced in the previous years, and the artwork is just gorgeous, full of power and clever storytelling bits.

Colletta inks the 20-page story and cover.

Published 1968

2 thoughts on “Thor #155 [1968]

  1. kirkm5computer001abc

    Looking at these original pages as they were printed I still think that the Thor could be “re Mastered” with a new set of inks from Mike Thibedeau or Mike Royer. At least get one of Kirby’s favorite inkers to re ink the book.

    When I think of all the liberties Marvel took when making the Masterworks series perhaps it could be a new way to sell books and add to Kirby’s funding for his new museum.

    I am going to hold off on all my comics purchases with all the old comics going to DVD. I marvel at how technology can compress all those issues into one dvd.

    As I write this I am currently reviewing my most favorite issues of the Fantastic Four for my blog called Warp to the Future.

    On to Thor…It really surprises me that more was not done with crossovers with Kirby’s art. Why wasn’t the Avengers or X-Men brought in to team up with the FF during it’s classic 102 issue run?
    I think the mythology behind Thor would have been perfect with Joe Sinnot’s inks.

    I have to wonder if the “Kirby as a genre” idea would not work with the current Marvel comics. Bruce Timm can do a pretty good Kirby style. How come there isn’t a line of 60 retro Kirby style comics with the Classic Marvel’s?


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