Devil Dinosaur #5 [1978]


Devil’s battle against the alien invaders continues, as he thinks the captive Moon-Boy is dead. With White-Hair and Stone-Hand, Devil realizes that the Swarmers (giant ants) who inhabit the Tower of Death have the power and numbers to take on the invaders, and manages to get the invaders to destroy the Tower, causing the Swarmers to attack in mass.

Devil Dinosaur #5 [1978]

Odd, since I’m picking these randomly, that so many cool Kirby insect comics have come up in the past few weeks.

Mike Royer inks the 17-page story, and one strange thing I noticed. See that thick border on the final panel? Every single page in the story has one panel with a border like that, kind of a weird form of visual boldface for the panels. I wonder if that was something Royer did on his own, or something Kirby indicated, or a Marvel thing. Are there any other Kirby comics from that era which have that effect? Joe Sinnott inks the cover.

Published 1978

2 thoughts on “Devil Dinosaur #5 [1978]

  1. Michael N.

    >See that thick border on the final panel?

    This was a visual motif used a lot on Kirby’s work in the mid-’70s, both at DC and at Marvel. It would be interesting to study the original pencils to discover whether Kirby intended this or if Mike Royer did it on his own initiative.

    Anyway, it’s a clever and effective way to make a panel stand out and was usually used for close-ups, especially violent close-ups (socks in the jaw, etc.). It was used for larger scenes, also. Click here for an example of it I used in my own Kirby-drenched art (page 5, panel 5):

  2. Anonymous

    I’m pretty sure that this was Royer’s idea. Looking through issues of JKC, I’ve never seen any signs of Kirby requesting or indicating any special panel borders. They were all uniform in the original art. Royer appeared to choose sometimes eliminating borders or the use of thick borders such as the one in DD.

    Nick Caputo


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