Fantastic Four #74 [1968] – When Calls Galactus


The second coming of Galactus, not quite as good as the first but still a fun story, begins in this issue, as the Surfer visits Alicia, and after the usual bout of Ben’s jealousy announces that Galactus is, contrary to his vow, returning to Earth. Galactus, never one to do things the easy way, first sends his servant the Punisher, who the male members of the FF battle (as they keep the battle a secret from Sue, due to her pregnancy).

Fantastic Four #74 [1968]12

The Punisher later vanishes in mid-battle, as the Surfer has gone into hiding and Galactus needs to resort to other means to find him.

Good stuff, but there’s that bit of an odd disconnect that you sometimes find between the lines of work from this era. It would be interesting to see Kirby’s full margin notes from this issue, as a few things seem to have been garbled. But then you see a full-page portrait of Galactus and you really stop caring about the words so much…

Joe Sinnott inks the cover and 20-page story.

Published 1968

2 thoughts on “Fantastic Four #74 [1968] – When Calls Galactus

  1. cboldman

    Something happened to the Punisher between his first and second FF appearances. Namely, a growth spurt. When first seen, he was a shrimpy little guy, like humanoid bulldog. Here, he seems like a full-sized Kirby techno-brute. I wonder why the change?


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