Marvel’s Greatest Comics #62 [1976] – Where Treads the Living Totem


In this reprint from FANTASTIC FOUR #80 (1968), “Where Treads the Living Totem”, the FF get a note from Wyatt Wingfoot, gone back to visit his tribe, about some mysterious goings-on involving an old legend. Having nothing else to do while waiting for Sue to have her baby, the menfolk go off, and lucky for Wyatt that they do.


The oil-rich land of his people is being attacked by a giant robot in the form of their mythic protector Tomazooma, in hopes of scaring them off the land. Great looking design for the robot, and a lot of fun action with the FF and Wyatt’s tribe against the robot, and a lot of good character interaction among the boys.

One page is edited for this reprint, a splash of Ben dancing with Johnny about the prospect of going on vacation. Joe Sinnott inks the now 19-page story and cover.

Published 1976

3 thoughts on “Marvel’s Greatest Comics #62 [1976] – Where Treads the Living Totem

  1. kirkm5computer001abc

    I read this one on my FF DVD of 550 issues. I am surprised you haven’t plugged that item. It’s at a site called
    For 39.99 you can get all of Kirby’s comics and up to the most recent issues from Dec 2004.

    On this one I wish Wyatt Wingfoot became a more important figure in the Kirby FF universe. With Stan Lee attempting to get artists to duplicate the Kirby style I am very surprised that Stan just didn’t double his salary or do anything to meet his demands. Did he not think he would move on to DC? He wasn’t going to sit back do nothing. I really think that Stan underestimated Jack’s talent and in some way was a little envious of his talent. For better or worse that’s my point of view.


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