The Invaders #12 [1977] – Cover


A Kirby/Sinnott cover to this comic, introducing a new character to the team to give it a British flavour and some female presence. I like the inking on the German soldiers, makes me wonder what a Kirby/Sinnott war comic would have looked like. I’ll have to see if I can find some of the issues of BATTLE they had stories in back in 1960.


Published 1977

2 thoughts on “The Invaders #12 [1977] – Cover

  1. kirkm5computer001abc

    I have to wonder how come writer Roy Thomas never could get Kirby to draw an issue. The only return we got to see was an issue of What If. When Kirby drew Stan Lee and the marvel bullpen as the Fantastic Four.

    When I see some of these 70’s covers it makes me wonder what might have been if Kirby had done the issues art chores instead.

    I believe Frank Springer was unfairly given a poor mark by fans for not being in the current style of super hero art. All that sticks in my mind is the interior Invaders art looks like Caniff’s in Terry and the Pirates and Steve Canyon. I don’t know if Springer intended that or it was part of his natural art style. Over time I did get more of an appreciation for his style. What impressed me the most is that Springer, unlike a of the seventies hot shots at the time didn’t try to make his art like a Neal Adams or even a riff of Jack Kirby. He had a distinct style all his own.

  2. bob

    Kirby wasn’t interested in working with other writers at that point in his career, and I assume a Kirby written and drawn fill-in wouldn’t have fit in with Thomas’ continuity heavy work of the period. It would have been interesting to see.

    I think you mean Frank Robbins, not Springer, although Springer did ink a bunch of the series. Robbins own style (on his comic strip work) is even more on the Caniff style.


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