Captain America #201 [1976] – The Night People


Following the Madbomb crisis during the Bicentennial, Cap and the Falcon plan some much needed rest (which includes a comfortable bubble bath for Cap). Unfortunately, over in New York there’s been a plague of attacks from “The Night People”, mysterious underground vagrants who are stealing odd things, everything except money. They overhear Falcon on the phone with his girlfriend Leila, and needing a super-hero for their purposes they kidnap her as bait for the Falcon, who quickly flies in to the rescue.

The Falcon is captured, and back in Washington Cap gets reports that he was seen vanishing in mid-air.

Kirby didn’t stop for a minute on the wild ride that was his last run on Cap, and there are a lot of things to like about this issue. The odd layout on one early page, showing the various thefts the Night People were up to, was really nice, and throwing in a dramatic mid-air rescue was a good way to keep the action flowing.

Frank Giacoia inks the cover and 17-page story.

Published 1976

This whole story, and much more, was recently reprinted in Captain America: Bicentennial Battles.

3 thoughts on “Captain America #201 [1976] – The Night People

  1. Anonymous

    To be fair, they were talking about their respective girlfriends while Cap was taking that bath. It is a weird scene, though. I assume Kirby just needed a reason why Cap couldn’t follow Falcon immediately.

  2. Anonymous

    I especially liked that panel layout and thought the Night People storyline was initially quirky and fun, although I don’t think that feeling was sustained throughout the following issues.

    Nick Caputo


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