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Happy Kirby Day


(from NEW GODS #6, inks by Mike Royer)

August 28, 1917, 89 years ago today, Jack Kirby was born. I think for this day I’m going to keep the words to a minimum and post some of my favourite Kirby splash pages. Stay tuned for more throughout the day.

If you’ve got your own site and put up anything about Kirby today feel free to throw a link in the comments.

Also Happy Birthday to the Jack Kirby Museum, officially launched this day last year. Lots of great stuff already available on-line thanks to the Museum, the least of which being hosting for this weblog. Take a look around.

Back in town


I’m back from my trip. Give me a few days to recover and I should be back to daily posting by the weekend. Lots of stuff to catch up on, including several Kirby reprints released in the past few weeks, as well as a few things I saw in the UK that I need to find more information on.

Edit: actually, I see Rand must have updated the Kirby Announcement page on stuff that came out. Thanks, Rand. Didn’t realize the COMIC STRIP book had come out. Something to look forward to for sure. And that ETERNALS book sure is tempting, though pricy.

June 28, 2006 – THE COMIC STRIP JACK KIRBY VOLUME 1 TP (1930s strips including Socko and Blue Beetle)

June 28, 2006 – MARVEL MILESTONES: RAWHIDE KID & TWO-GUN KID (first Kirby issues of each)

June 28, 2006 – ETERNALS BY JACK KIRBY HC (complete series)

June 21, 2006 – MARVEL MASTERWORKS: RAWHIDE KID VOL. 1 (first 9 Kirby issues)

June 21, 2006 – CHAMPIONS CLASSIC VOL. 1 TPB (cover)

Off for a bit…


Didn’t manage to really get back on track and get ahead before I left as I had planned. I have a few short posts which will show up in the next two weeks, other than that I’ll be mostly offline, so if you comment or e-mail I’ll get back to you eventually.

Some random stuff


Feel free to use this as an open thread for comments on any of the topics below, or any other Kirby topic.

Alex Toth passed away this past weekend. His comic book collaborations with Kirby were infrequent and of mixed quality, of course (a mostly disastrous attempt to have Toth finish Kirby’s layouts, and then have Colletta ink it, in an early X-MEN, a Superman/Challengers crossover in the 1980s which was really just fitting an unused and unfinished Toth story as a flashback chapter and a Boys’ Ranch pin-up page which appeared on the back of a KIRBY COLLECTOR). However, Kirby doing additional designs for THUNDARR after Toth did the main characters worked well. There was also a 1972 convention panel with the two of them (and Jim Steranko moderating) which appared in KIRBY COLLECTOR #8, that’s a lot of fun. Kirby is very loose and funny, having to interpret both Toth and Steranko at times (“What Alex is trying to say is ….”, “He said you were slick”) and there’s a lot of mutual admiration between them, despite their different approaches to the work. Anyway, I posted a short bit about Toth on my general interest weblog and I’m going to post a few more things in the next week.

I’ll be heading off to a vacation in the UK in a few weeks, with stops in Birmingham, London and Glasgow (just a half day free there) at least, possibly a day in Paris and a few other nearby destinations. Feel free to comment or e-mail me if you have any recommendations of what to see and maybe where to buy any comics (my main interest would be in cheap back issues of COMMANDO from the 1970s, maybe a few of those old black and white reprints of the pre-hero Marvel/Atlas fantasy/sci-fi stories. Also always interested in any store that has whatever the UK equivilant of a quarter bin would be).

Sorry I’ve been behind on general posting on the weblog in the last few weeks. I’ll catch up soon (and get a few posts ready to auto-post while I’m away). I have some stuff I think you’ll all enjoy that I want to get around to when I have time. In the meantime, if you haven’t been reading the “End of S&K” posts over on Harry’s blog you’re really missing out.

Open Thread – Most anticipated book


To keep this weblog a bit less Bob-centric, feel free to comment on any aspect of Kirby you like in this thread.

Suggested topic, quite a few upcoming books featuring Kirby are scheduled for this spring and summer. Which are you most looking forward to?

Open Thread


Thought it would be good to keep one thread open at all times for people to make general comments on Kirby and on the weblog, tips on Kirby links and news. After there are enough comments I’ll close this one and open a new thread. Suggested themes for this one:

The format of the weblog. Does it look okay on your browser? Is there anything you’d like to see?

What’s your favourite Kirby website (other than

Feel free to plug your own website/blog, Kirby themed or not.

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