Open Thread – Most anticipated book


To keep this weblog a bit less Bob-centric, feel free to comment on any aspect of Kirby you like in this thread.

Suggested topic, quite a few upcoming books featuring Kirby are scheduled for this spring and summer. Which are you most looking forward to?

4 thoughts on “Open Thread – Most anticipated book

  1. Mike Moran

    I am looking forward to many on that list.

    First and foremost is the Eternals HC because you get it all in one nice format. Next would probably be the Collected TJKC book 5. I love the reprints of these and I am trying to convince John to just run the rest of the small format issues into these book formats. Last would be the Essential FF5 and Essential X-Men Classic. Cheap and fun reprints. Rawhide Kid I will probably grab later when I can get a deal on Ebay. Overall its getting better and better for the Kirby fan but there are still lots more they can reprint. Hello DC can we get some Demon,OMAC,New Gods in color,Kamandi Archive 2?!


  2. dave

    I sure wish there were some color reprints that didn’t cost, basically, $5.00 an issue.

    Also, wouldn’t it be nice if Marvel kicked a coupla sheckels back to the Kirby estate for all the reprints they’re selling? At $50.00 a shot, retail, and virtually no costs beyond the printing, I think they could afford it!

  3. Mike B

    I’m only 20 something issues away from a full Rawhide Kid set that’s taken me since 1985 to complete, so I’m looking forward to the masterworks edition, yet I’ll still find the originals someday !!!!

  4. Bob Post author

    Yeah, some more mid-range colour reprints of the 1960s stuff would be nice, especially if you want to get people unfamiliar with Kirby to sample his best. Like the format they’ve done for some of the 1970s stuff (Cap, Panther). The VISIONARIES books are actually a great deal if you get past the sticker shock (350 pages, about 15+ issues worth of comics, for $30/$35), so I hope we see a third volume of that.

    I hold out the hope that someday management at Marvel will wise up on the royalty front. Until then, I should at least point out that buying the books from the Amazon links on these pages does sent some of the money to the Kirby Museum….

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