Presenting… Motherbox



Yeah, okay, so this is geeky even by my standards…

My new iRiver digital audio player, forever after known as Motherbox, my connection to the source.


Shown here playing the Jack Kirby interview from the Comics Journal, of course…


A slightly different angle.


And the back.

The design is “Dream Machine”, a Kirby piece as it appeared in the new edition of KIRBY UNLEASHED last year. First drawn as a black and white piece in 1970 for a portfolio cover, it was later expanded to an adjoining piece and painted in 1975.

Finally, Motherbox encased in a high tech polymer shield recently perfected by Metron, to keep her safe from the forces of Darkseid, as well as fingerprints and minor bumps, and allowing for attachment to this thing you humans call “belts”.


Yes, general apologies all around…

5 thoughts on “Presenting… Motherbox

  1. Scott Rowland

    What a great idea! Very, very cool!

    As a kid, I used to play Mr. Miracle using a cassette case for my Mother Box . . . .


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