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In the spirit of the season

MYSTIC COMICS #7, 1941. One of Simon&Kirby’s first covers at Timely, with some cool monsters. And Hitler, too. The Destroyer is one of those characters who didn’t seem to last very long.

BLACK MAGIC #2, 1950 (issue corrected, I got it mixed up with v2#2, aka #8. Wish they numbered those books normally and clearly). Boy, that Halloween party rocks!

WORLD OF FANTASY #19, 1959. One of the not quite so long-lived Marvel monster books, this issue at least had a pretty cool Kirby monster, apparently inked by Christopher Rule, leading candidate for the inker of FF #1 and #2.

2 thoughts on “Horror/Monster Covers

  1. Anonymous

    If you’ll pardon me, according to the Grand Comics Database (www.comics.org) that was issue #2 rather than #8 of Black Magic. I think this must be right because the other Dec-Jan cover bears the title’s second logo.

    Kirby’s work in the genre of supernatural horror in the 70s (in The Demon and Mister Miracle #14) looks to heavy to me. I would have said such material wasn’t suited to his style, but it seems his 50s work in the genre was more successful. The cover you selected has a surreal quality I very much like.

    Luke Blanchard

    Luke Blanchard.

  2. bob

    Yeah, I think I somehow got v1#2 and v2#2 mixed up. Thanks for the heads-up, I’ll fix that.

    I like the 1970s stuff, but I agree that Royer might have been too slick an inker for it. Would have been interesting to see it done with the inking style used in the 1950s books.


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