The New Gods #7 [1972]


Note, this is the 100th Kirby book featured on this weblog. Of course, a disproportionate number of them (67) have been books where Kirby just did the covers, because they’re easier (I’ve got scans of about 300 other such books ready to go). I figured for #100 it should be one of the best.

The New Gods #7 [1972]

NEW GODS #7 featured “The Pact”, a powerhouse 24 page story which fills in the mythology of the Fourth World. I can only imagine how much more powerful it was to people who read it not knowing the secrets it reveals. This is full of amazing scenes that flesh out what was in the first few issues and raising more questions and possibilities. The best of these scenes is the one that the page above is in the middle of, where Izaya rejects the ways of Darkseid to find his destiny as Highfather. It’s a thing of beauty. Thank god Mike Royer was the inker at this point, so the scene has its full weight.

Interesting side note, there was an unused unfinished splash page, apparently meant for this issue, published in JACK KIRBY QUARTERLY #11, which featured an intriguing scene of pre-transformation Izaya confronting Darkseid. No dialogue on the page, unfortunately, so no clue as to exactly what this scene would have entailed.

Also in this issue, a two-page Young Gods story featuring Vykin of the Forever People, quickly looking at some of the remnants of the “Great Clash” on New Genesis, inked by Vince Colletta, a reprint of the Manhunter story “The Legend of the Silent Bear” from ADVENTURE #76 from 1942, which has some interesting moments (such as the hero being led through a forest by a boy scout), although Manhunter is definitely the most minor of the S&K DC features (they only did seven short stories). Also a two page S&K reprint from REAL FACT #2, “A World of Thinking Machines”, projecting such things as robot secretaries, robot athletes and multi-armed robots for housework. Okay, not the best predictions ever…

Published March 1972

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  1. Pete Woodhouse

    A classic issue – Kirby ideas, myth, power & majesty distilled into 24 beautiful pages! Royer & Sinnott his best inkers by far, Kirby’s art in late 60s/early 70s looked the best when they were finishing it.


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