New Kirby – Adventures of the Fly


Apparently Archie has just released a collection of the four issues of ADVENTURES OF THE FLY. Quite a bit on Kirby work in those, most of it either never reprinted before or only in a few extremely hard to find books. Reportedly the reproduction is quite good.

by Various
The latest entry in the Red Circle reprint series! This historic edition highlights one of the pioneering superhero titles of the Silver Age: The Fly! Tommy Troy is a young boy whose world is turned upside down when he meets an emissary of the Fly World and is given a special ring that magically transforms him into the superhuman Fly! Considered an early prototype for Spider-Man, The Fly’s earliest adventures were charted by some of the most legendary creative talent in comics: Jack Kirby, Joe Simon, Jack Davis, and Al Williamson! All of these artists and more are featured in this special edition that collects titanic tales from 1959 and 1960! Features a cover by fan-favorite, Joe Staton, painstaking restorations of all stories, faithful re-coloring and a foreword by Joe Simon!
SC, 7×10, 96pg, FC $12.95

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