Tales to Astonish #52 [1964] – Cover


TALES TO ASTONISH #52, 1964. After returning to Hank Pym’s adventures for a few issues to oversee his change from Ant-Man to Giant-Man (by changing his powers, although you could just as easily have had him join the army to become G.I.Ant-Man). Sol Brodsky, Marvel production manager extrordinaire, inked this one, and we get a nice Kirby winged horse.


1 thought on “Tales to Astonish #52 [1964] – Cover

  1. Rick Baiker

    Giant-Man/Ant-Man is always getting abum rap, but I think Kiby’s covers for this series were some of his best. And I was always a sucker for white backgrounds. The color on those books was outstanding.


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