Marvel Spectacular #6 [1974]


Thor reprints continue this issue with “The Maddening Menace of the Man-Beast” from THOR #135 [1966]. The battle against the hyper-evolved wolf in Wundagore, the home of the High Evolutionary, continues, with a lot of weird creatures and big battles until Thor finally prevails.


At the end of the story, the High Evolutionary explains his background and leaves the world with his creations. This was one of those characters that I have to assume Kirby had deeper plans for that he never got around to. He’s a nice character design and there’s a lot of unrealized potential in the concept.

One page, a look at what Odin is up to in Asgard, is edited out of the story, bringing it down to 15 pages.

JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY #121 [1965] is the source for the 5-page “Maelstrom”, continuing the “Tales of Asgard” quest storyline as the ship of Asgardians approaches the Pillars of Utgard. The second page splash is a classic image, the original art was featured in a recent KIRBY COLLECTOR. These back-ups are great showcase pieces for Kirby’s art, with a lot of powerful images coming fast in the five pages he had each month.

Colletta inks both stories and the cover.

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