Amazing Adventures #2 [1970] – Friend Against Friend


Kirby continues writing and drawing the Inhumans story this issue, now sending the lovable outsiders to the Baxter Building, where Maximus has convinced them a nuclear attack against the Great Refuge was launched. Mode of transportation? Lockjaw, of course.


After a brief battle where Ben, Johnny and Crystal are subdued, we find out that Triton’s mission was to see if Maximus was behind the attack. Black Bolt isn’t that easy to fool, it turns out. Getting the message from Triton, Black Bolt calls off the attack against the FF, and Medusa lectures the FF about how humanity should behave in the event of a nuclear attack.

I’m always a bit let down by the Kirby written Inhumans stories in AMAZING ADVENTURES. I suspect he could have done a lot more with them if the series had been launched earlier (it was rumoured in the hype pages for years), but as it is it only happened just as he was getting ready to leave Marvel. Still some great characters, gotta love anything with Lockjaw.

Chic Stone inks the 10-page story.

Published 1970

2 thoughts on “Amazing Adventures #2 [1970] – Friend Against Friend

  1. RAB

    I can see how the subsequent installments of this Inhumans series can be a letdown…but this one, and this page in particular, always make me think of the Fourth World books. Something about the crew materializing in the Baxter Building out of a crackling dimensional gateway — it just seems very much like a moment from one of the books Kirby was about to do at DC.


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