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Robert Greenberger writes a decent brief overview of Kirby’s original ETERNALS series as part of the hype machine for a new series that is apparently coming soon.


3 thoughts on “–Link– Eternals history by Greenberger

  1. RAB

    There are good things about this overview…but once again we get the standard party line of “great character ideas and designs, shame about the plot and writing” with which mediocre minds have denigrated Kirby’s stories for decades now.

    I’m especially disappointed by the quote from Neil saying “The Eternals still had that amazing Jack Kirby outpouring of ideas, and there were some amazing things. But he didn’t get it right.” I have to assume this was taken out of context for marketing purposes. Neil knows good storytelling and appreciates Kirby’s solo work a lot more than that disparaging remark seems to say.

  2. Marc Kardwell

    Well, all NEWSARAMA ever does is hype Marvel projects, so I suppose he’s doing his job. The only problem I have is the emphasis on The Eternals as part of the wiser Marvel Universe: as far as I’m concerned, there’s Jack’s Eternals and that’s all she wrote. Plus, Gaiman’s been known to underestimate Kirby before. The goth twat.

  3. dave

    Can I join in the kicking of Neil Gaiman here? Hey, putz – if you’re such a goddam genius, howzabout you come up with your OWN characters instead of joining the vast army of Kirby graverobbers?

    Anything for a buck, right, Neil? Sheesh!


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