Super Powers #1 [1985] – Seeds of Doom


A year after the previous series, Kirby returns to the toy line inspired SUPER POWERS, which I think by this time was also part of the Super Friends cartoon, which I guess explains the Hall of Justice super-hero HQ in this issue. Anyway, Kirby doesn’t write this series, just pencils. We open just after the events of “The Hunger Dogs”, with Darkseid’s rule overturned.

Super Powers #1 [1985]

He’s able to find some of his most loyal servants, DeSaad, Kalibak and Steppenwolf (actually just “animated bodies” of them that he brought back to life) and escape to the moon, where they plan the conquest of Earth, which is where our various action figures, um, I mean, heroes, come in, splitting into teams to investigate five mysterious seeds which have appeared through the world, which seem to be digging to the Earth’s core. J’onn J’onzz goes to England where he meets up with Aquaman to investigate one of the seeds. While there, they encounter DeSaad, and all of them are hurled back in time where they meet King Arthur.

Kind of a dull story, although the art does have a few points of interest, mostly a few of the scenes with Darkseid in the first half.

Greg Theakston inks the cover and 23-page story.

Published 1985

2 thoughts on “Super Powers #1 [1985] – Seeds of Doom

  1. batmanbeyond13

    This particular Super Powers series by Kirby with the Justice League is one of my favorite of all time. This six issue miniseries should be reprinted in a hardcover. This is Kirby drawing the Justice League. I can’t recall if he ever did anywhere else.


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