OMAC #3 [1975] – A Hundred Thousand Foes


The issue opens with OMAC enjoying some virtual reality entertainment, battling a monster protecting the secrets of the giant talking skulls. He’s pulled out of the “movie” to get his official credentials to act as a One Man Army on behalf of the faceless Global Peace Agents, but before he goes on his first official mission he’s introduced to a couple applying to act as his parents, OMAC having forgotten his life as Buddy Blank. I’m always unclear on how creepy Kirby meant this stuff to be.

OMAC #3 [1975]

OMAC is then sent on his mission to take down Marshal Kafka, a tyrant who has put together his own army of a hundred thousand. His jet is shot at on the way down, leaving him fighting from his chair until that’s shot out from under him. He quickly gets through the Kafka’s forces until he finally reaches the Marshal.

Like I said, a bit of a creepy beginning, followed by a quick high-action story. Kirby was throwing out the ideas fast in this series, a lot of which are never returned to.

D. Bruce Berry inks the cover and 20-page story.

Published 1975

One thought on “OMAC #3 [1975] – A Hundred Thousand Foes

  1. David Morris

    Surely the creepiness arises from Omac being one of Kirby’s most satirical series? The being provided parents is one of his most deft (and wicked) touches.


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