Daring Mystery Comics #8 [1942] – Cover


DARING MYSTERY COMICS #8, 1942. You gotta feel for Blue Diamond. Right there on the cover, but grouped in with “and others” in the blurb, which names the other guys, and even the gal in the inset. I guess he did get his revenge by having more of a career when brought back in the 1970s than the others.


Anyway, a book of the also-rans of the early Marvel line, the highlight of most of these guys careers has to be having Jack Kirby draw them on a cover just before he left Marvel the first time.

3 thoughts on “Daring Mystery Comics #8 [1942] – Cover

  1. bob

    The cover is the only S&K in this issue, although they did some stories (Marvel Boy, Fiery Mask) in earlier issues of DARING MYSTERY.

    I’d forgotten that the Fin was Everett. I did like that reprint. You have to like it when a hero threatens to “cut your heart out and stuff it down your throat”.


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