Captain America #193 [1976] – The Madbomb – Screamer in the Brain


Kirby’s big return to one of his greatest creations is trumpeted on the cover like very few credits at Marvel ever had been before (“King Kirby is Back — And Greater Than Ever”). This issue starts the “Madbomb” story that would carry the book up to #200, as Cap and the Falcon first find themselves in the middle of a spontaneous riot in the middle of the city, the result of an experimental device, powered by an artificial brain which induces madness, from a secret organization that SHIELD has been tracking, without much luck. A SHIELD agent brings Cap and the Falcon in to help, but not before they’re made to run a “Panic Course” in order to prove their identities.

Passing the course in record time, of course, they’re now cleared to be briefed by Henry Kissinger (yeah, I always thought that was a bit weird), who informs them that after a few trial runs, like the one they witnessed, the enemy is planning an attack with a “Big Daddy” Madbomb the size of a house, powerful enough destroy the US.

I really like this issue, and the whole storyline, just so bold and full of non-stop action and new ideas. I’m glad it was finally reprinted a while back.

Frank Giacoia inks the 18-page story, while John Romita inks the cover.

Published 1976

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