Marvel’s Greatest Comics #66 [1976] – The Name is Doom


Marvel's Greatest Comics #66 [1976]a

Heh, Doom cracks me up in this issue. Although I’m never clear if he’s supposed to be delusional or intentionally ironic in these kinds of scenes.

Anyway, returning from their adventure with the Inhumans, the FF (with Crystal subbing for new mother Sue) are intercepted by Nick Fury and recruited for a mission to find out about a rumoured robot army being amassed somewhere in Europe. That naturally takes them to Latveria, where they’re captured by Doom’s robots, hypnotized to prevent the use of their powers and placed in a seemingly peaceful village, where Doom plans to toy with them.

Marvel's Greatest Comics #66 [1976]

Doom really makes this issue, there are a lot of great scenes with him, showing off his arrogant royal bearing, and it’s always good to see that outdated but still charming version of Old Europe that Kirby drew.

Joe Sinnott inks the story, which thanks to some creative editing of the early scenes now clocks in at 18 pages, as well as the reprint cover, which is among my favourite FF covers.

Published 1976

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  1. dave

    This storyline was Kirby’s take on the then-new “Prisoner” TV series… his atypical neglect in including a “Rover” clone is this story’s only flaw!


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