Boy Commandos #12 [1945] – Cover


The Coast Guard gets the nod on this wartime cover by Simon & Kirby, as part of an attack on Japan. Nice cover, especially the ship in the background there.


This issue also has a three-page story “Coast Guard Reconnaissance” signed by S&K and reprinted as a Kirby classic in NEW GODS #4, but the Kirby Checklist says it was Simon solo, which looks right.

Published 1945

2 thoughts on “Boy Commandos #12 [1945] – Cover

  1. kirkm5computer001abc

    The only way I got to see Boy Commandos was thu the New Gods and Mister Miracle books. Perhaps some of the 50 and 60 cent DC hundred pagers featured them too. I really reget not purchasing the Kamandi 100 page DC book. I did have a facination for older Kirby art.

    Most of all the Boy Commandos reminded me of the old time movie dead end street kids that you would see frequently on independent TV stations that featured old movies.

    I do remember the #1 Dingbats of Danger street. Too bad the series didn’t take off. I have been going to the Museum site almost every day to see if there are any gallery spots featuring Kirby’s old obscure and lesser known art. I have been going through a lot of my old New Gods and Mister Miracles to see if there are back ups with old Kirby material.

    It’s too bad that the Eternals didn’t feature any old Kirby stories like DC has with New Gods.

  2. Bruce Younger

    I don’t believe there’s a single bit of Kirby in this cover. I could be wrong, but I just don’t see any evidence of his work from this time. No dynamic to the layout, very little life in the figures, none of the exagerration typical of Jack’s poses at the time, and the faces all look like unadulterated Joe Simon.


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