Tales of Suspense #48 [1963] – Cover


Kirby kept his hand in the Iron Man series with the covers for quite a while, including this one which introduced the new armour. Still not sure who actually designed that new look. I always thought it seemed a bit more like Ditko (who pencilled the interior story) than any of the other likely suspects.

I like Mister Doll. What a name for a villain. He looks a lot like some of the Challengers villains.

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The Kirby Checklist has this a Brodsky inks, which I’m not sure I agree with. There are some bits that seem like that, but parts of it definitely look like Ayers. Maybe there was some redrawing due to the new armour?

Published 1963

2 thoughts on “Tales of Suspense #48 [1963] – Cover

  1. Anonymous


    Ditko did design the new costume. Mr. Doll was originally called Mr. Pain, but the Comics Code stepped in and the name was changed (the original name was found on a stat of the cover and printed in the Esssential Iron-Man.

    I believe the cover is inked by Sol Brodsky. I don’t see anyone else’s hand at work.

    Nick Caputo

  2. Anonymous

    I just noticed that Mr. Doll is so intent on his Iron-Man action figure that he didn’t hear the real Iron-Man crashing through the door!

    Nick Caputo


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