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inhumansSo apparently we now have the first tangible evidence of the Kirby family settlement with Marvel from a month ago, as several comics published this week include an explicit creator credit for characters that Kirby created in the 1960s, including the Inhumans, the Fantastic Four and the X-Men (in coming weeks we’ll probably see something in Thor, Hulk, Avengers, Iron Man and perhaps others). Previously the only regular creator credit appearing for Kirby in Marvel comics was for Captain America (with Joe Simon), ever since a settlement Simon negotiated about a decade ago.

We’ll see if this extends to a more visible and explicit credit to Kirby in films based on his creations.

2 thoughts on “Kirby credit update

  1. Bryce

    Marvel’s 75th anniversary special on ABC last night was more evidence that Jack is going to start getting more credit from Marvel. Although I still feel like his contributions to Marvel were not FULLY acknowledged, it came a hell of a lot closer than I have ever seen before. About time!

  2. patrick ford

    It occurs to me that with the settlement Stan Lee is suddenly of no use to Marvel at all.
    What makes this even more interesting is the Isaac Perlmutter the current C.E.O. of Marvel was also running the company back in 1998 and Perlmutter fired Lee. Lee only got back in because he and his pal (and personal attorney) Arthur Lieberman threatened to sue Marvel for 50% of the copyright to the Marvel characters. And to top that a few years later Lee did sue Marvel because Marvel was cheating him out of a percentage of film and TV profits he was contracted to receive. That case went all the way to trial where a judge ruled in favor of Lee, and Lee received ten million dollars.
    So I’m curious to see how things play out now that Lee is of no use to Marvel anymore.


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