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Mark Evanier comments briefly on the announced settlement between the Kirby family and Marvel, which comes just ahead of when the Supreme Court would have made a decision on whether or not to hear the case. No details on the settlement are forthcoming from him, but “real happy” is good news. While I don’t expect financial details to come out, I’m pretty sure that any settlement that Evanier feels would have made the Jack and Roz Kirby “real, real, real happy” would include a noticeable increase and the presence and prominence of Jack Kirby’s credits in conjunction with characters he created or co-created at Marvel appearing in print and on screen (credits which usually currently range from “completely absent” to “buried and weakly worded as ‘based on comics by…’ or ‘special thanks to…'”), so keep an eye on that in months to come.

Also good news is another post indicating that recent events mean he can finish his long-awaited biography of Kirby. Until then, don’t forget that THE ART OF THE SIMON AND KIRBY STUDIO is out soon (Evanier recently reporting he already has his copy and describing the book).


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